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Register and Memoirs of Deceased Alumni of St. John's College by John G. Proud 1856-08-06.pdf
Memoirs of deceased alumni of St. John's College. Read, by appointment of the Association, August 6th, 1856, by John G. Proud, Jr., A. M. To which is added a register of St. John's College, for 1856.

1 photographic print : b&w. First Row (left to right) Unknown, Ellen Randall - Annapolis, Lemuel Allison Wilmer - St. Mary's Co., Agnes Randall - Annapolis, Genevieve Welling. Second Row: Calderon Carlisle - Washington, D.C., Samuel Maddox - Wash.…


Commencement Address-Memoirs of Deceased Alumni -John G. Proud and John S. Wirt. Proud and John S. Wirt.pdf
Memoirs of deceased alumni of St. John's College, Annapolis, by John G. Proud and John S. Wirt, historiographers. Commencement Day, 1878.

1 photographic print : b&w


1 photographic print : b&w


1 photographic print. Top: A.F. Hutchins, Keith Neville-Mgr., Dr. A. B. Cecil, R.A. Rouse. Middle: Gwynn, E. Jackson, A.H. Ruhl, A.W. Smith, A.McC. Steven. Bottom: R.M. Hopkins, L. McCardell, E.A. Harrison, J. M. Green, E.T. Clark, L. Staley, J.V.…


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