The St. John's College Digital Archives provides online access to unique material from the archival and special collections at the Greenfield Library (Annapolis, MD) and Meem Library (Santa Fe, NM). It also preserves these resources in digital format. This searchable database includes material such as audio recordings, typescripts, photographs, and more.

Items in the St. John's College Digital Archives are protected under the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 of the U.S. Code). Some materials may not include a formal statement of copyright but may still be protected by copyright law. The user is responsible for determining lawful uses and is fully responsible for any copyright infringement.

In some instances, the Library does not have complete information about authors, publishers, or other persons associated with the materials in their collection. The Library appreciates hearing from anyone who may have additional information about any of the items in our digital collections and from those who may want to donate to St. John's College.

In addition, both libraries maintain separate archival use policies. More information about the use of items in the Greenfield Library is available here:  Greenfield Library archive policy. More information about the use of items in the Meem Library is available here: Meem Library archive policy.

For any questions regarding these policies, or to request the use of an item in the St. John's College Digital Archives, please contact:

Catherine Dixon
Library Director
Greenfield Library
Annapolis, MD

Jennifer Sprague
Library Director
Meem Library
Santa Fe, NM