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St. John's College Yearbook for the years 2016-2017.

Script of Part 37 of the Symbolic History series by Charles G. Bell.

Program of the 250th Anniversary of Founding of City of Annapolis and the Passage of Maryland Religious Toleration Act, Under the Auspices of Young Men's Christian Association, of Annapolis

1 sheet : 24 proof prints from 35mm film : b&w

1 photographic print : b&w

von Briessen, H. 24000221.pdf
Transcript of a lecture given on September 26, 1986 by Hans von Briesen as part of the Dean's Lecture and Concert Series.

1 photographic print : b&w

1 photographic print : b&w

1 photographic copy from the St. John's College yearbook : b&w

Smith, 7-16.mp3
Audio recording of a lecture given on July 27, 2016 by Jay Smith as part of the Graduate Institute Summer Lecture Series.

Levine, D. 24000652.pdf
Transcript of a lecture given on August 30, 2002 by David Levine as part of the Dean's Lecture and Concert Series.

1 photographic print : b&w

Audio recording of a conversation between Andrea Mitchell and Judy Woodruff held on March 18, 2018. This is part of the Great Conversations series.
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