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Alznauer, Mark 9-20-2019.mp3
Audio recording of a lecture delivered by Mark Alznauer, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Northwestern University, on September 20, 2019 as part of the Formal Lecture Series.

Alznauer describes his lecture topic as follows: "Hegel says that the…

St. Johns College film 1962 Compressed.mp4
Film entitled "St. John's College" produced by Fordel Films in 1962. Originally distributed as marketing material, and describes the program and campus.

St. John's Story, 1954 Compressed.mp4
St. John's College film produced in 1954 describing the college and its program. Narrated by Mark Van Doren.

1 photographic print : b&w


1 photographic print : b&w


1 photographic print : b&w


1 photographic print : b&w ;
Pictured left to right: Dorothy Van Doren, Adam Van Doren, Mira Van Doren, Daniel Van Doren, and Lydia Jedwabnik.
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