Various St. John's College musical recordings


Various St. John's College musical recordings


Audio recording of three St. John's College songs, including: "Ode to Saint John's College", "Saint John's College March" (or "St. John's Forever"), and "A Team Song" sung to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne".


Annapolis, MD


[ca. 1949-1959]


St. John's College owns the rights to this publication.








Saint John's College Music


Ode to St. John’s College
Music by Elizabeth Ellen Starr

We sing to thee, our mother dear, (our mother dear,)
Our hearts are warm, our voices clear, (our voices clear;)
As to thy praise we sing,
As to thy praise we sing,
Down through the sounding aisles of time
We send thy praise in tuneful rhyme,
And make thy old halls ring,
And make thy old balls ring.
Chorus: To thee, St. John's, we gladly sing,
To thee we sing, we sing, we sing;
To thee our sounding praises bring,
Our praises bring, our praises bring,
We hail thee, love thee, bless the day
That brought us 'neath thy guardian sway,
Thy guardian sway.
Farewell! old bell! go on and ring (go on and ring,)
High in thy lofty turret swing (turret swing)
But not for us thy peal -
But not for us thy peal.
Farewell, green sward and sheltering trees.
'Tis not for us thy whispering breeze
Shall through your branches steal
Shall through your branches steal.
Oft from the strife of coming years (of coming years;)
Oft from the mingled hopes and fears, (hopes and fears,)
Our hearts will turn to thee
Our hearts will turn to thee.
Thy restful paths, thy sunny slopes;
Thy promises, youth's buoyant hopes
We find in thoughts of thee
We find in thoughts of thee.
And strengthened by these mem’ries dear (mem'ries dear)
We forward go with songs of cheer (with songs of cheer.)
To thee our thanks we raise,
To thee our thanks we raise;
And to the guiding Hand above
Which over all our lives doth move,
A parting song of praise
A parting song of praise.

Lyrics source:  Commencement Program, 1910
St. John's Forever

St. John’s forever, her fame shall never die
Fight for her colors, we’ll raise them to the sky
Each loyal son pledges her his heart and hand
For her united we as brothers stand
“A Team Song”
Tune: Auld Lang Syne

Should all our victories be forgot
Of now and long ago,
You'd surely find we always keep
A team that's far from slow.
We play the game and win great fame
Wherever we may roam,
And then right back to Old St. John's
We take the victory home.
Come gather 'round the Orange and Black
And lift your voice in praise
For Alma Mater, loved St. John's,
And dear old college days.

Lyrics source:  Rat=Tat 1910

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