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Buddhist Metaphysics? Making the Case for Enlarging Metaphysics with Mādhyamika Philosophy, or, How Emptiness is Relevant to What There is

2024-04-12 Harter, Pierre-Julien (audio only)(1) (

Audio recording of a lecture given by Pierre-Julien Harter on April 12, 2024 as part of the Dean's Lecture & Concert Series. The Dean's Office has…

Being a Book


Video recording of a lecture delivered on February 23, 2024, by Daniel Harrell as part of the Formal Lecture Series.

Mr. Harrell describes his…

"A Monument Without a Tomb:" St. John's Celebrates Major Scenes from Shakespeare's First Folio

2024-04-05 Tutor Panel on Shakespeare (audio only) (

Audio recording of a tutor panel given by tutors Alison Chapman, Charlie Barrett, Krishnan Venkatesh, & Jay Smith as part of the Dean's Lecture &…