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Vol. 39 Issue 02 September 20, 2017.pdf
Volume XXXIX, Issue 02 of The Gadfly. Published September 20, 2017. (Misnumbered as Vol. XXXVIV, Issue 02).

Vol. 39 Issue 01 September 6, 2017.pdf
Volume XXXIX, Issue 01 of The Gadfly. Published September 6, 2017. (Misnumbered as Vol. XXXVIV, Issue 01).

Vol. 38 Issue 11 May 2, 2017.pdf
Volume XXXVIII, Issue 11 of The Gadfly. Published May 2, 2017.

Vol. 38 Issue 10 April 20, 2017.pdf
Volume XXXVIII, Issue 10 of The Gadfly. Published April 20, 2017. Special Issue: Croquet.

Vol. 38 Issue 9 April 11, 2017.pdf
Volume XXXVIII, Issue 09 of The Gadfly. Published April 11, 2017.

Vol. 20 #22.pdf
Special Aprils Fools Day issue of The Gadfly, entitled the Idfly. Published April 01, 1999.

Collegian Prize Essays 1966-1967.pdf
Issue of The Collegian, entitled "Prize Essays 1966-67". Published in [1967].

Prize Essays.pdf
Issue of The Collegian. Published in 1966.

Collegian Spring 1967.pdf
Issue of The Collegian entitled "Prize Essays 1965-1966". Published in Spring 1967.

collegian Spring 1967 #2.pdf
Issue of The Collegian entitled "Poetry and Life Drawings". Published in Spring 1967.

Collegian Supplement, October 1967.pdf
Supplement to The Collegian entitled "The Student's Problem". Published in October 1967.

Collegian Spring 1968.pdf
Issue of The Palaestra. Published in Spring 1968.

Tutor Panel, 3-2018.mp3
Audio recording of a tutor panel discussion with Seth Appelbaum, Janet Dougherty, Jacques Duvoisin, Topi Heikkerö, and Nicholas Starr held on March 30, 2018 as part of the Dean's Lecture and Concert Series. Moderated by Raoni Padui.

Moon 03-16 RS.pdf
Volume 20. Issue 4. Santa Fe's Student-run Newspaper.

Moon 02-16 RS.pdf
Volume 20, Issue 3. Santa Fe's Student-run Newspaper.
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